Bringing power back to the professional user, with Blockchain

Professional behavior and data is worth billions to businesses.
Why shouldn’t professionals be compensated for this?
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50% bonus ends in:

$ 1,987,678

Currently raised

$ 20M
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Decentralized Professional Protocol

Billions of professional users

Our track record

Together we are experts in Finance, Telecommunications, Internet Unicorns, Smart Contracts, Blockchain Architecture, Digital Identity and Asset/Service Tokenization. Furthermore, we have worked with some impressive organizations.

The Problem

In the current professional ecosystem, businesses are forced to pay large amounts of capital to recruiting and social selling “intermediaries”, who target contacts but provide little-to-no direct value to the professional.

Why should professionals do all the work while intermediaries reap all the benefits?

The Solution

Professionals should have control over who can receive their professional data and how others can use it. Our decentralized professional ecosystem helps you get compensated for your data, making intermediaries unnecessary.

Profede is the next generation of professional data privacy. Thanks to blockchain, you can be sure your data is protected.

Professionals Make The Money

Instead of the intermediaries, professionals will be the ones who are fairly compensated every time a business gets in touch with them.

Join the Fun

Cryptocurrencies are booming! Start earning PATOs and trading them in the best exchanges.

Private Data

Your professional data is only your business. If somebody wants to reach you they will have to pay the price set by you.

Use Cases


Are you looking for a job or for new opportunities?

Complete your profile and our community will validate your greatest aptitudes as a professional; the job opportunities will appear effortlessly. Regardless of whether you get the job in the end, you will still be rewarded. Your personal data is valuable and because of this, we believe that sending this data information should always be rewarded.

Social Selling

Do you have a product or a service that you would like to offer?

With Profede you will be able to access relevant profiles of professionals, validated by our community, willing to listen to what you have to offer. Pay only for that which creates a real business opportunity for you.

Road Map

Token Sale

TOKEN Ethereum (ERC20)
VOLUME (finite amount created)

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  • 50% of total tokens available for purchase across the presale and crowdsale
  • 40% of tokens reserved as a long term budget. Among others, these tokens will be used to: Stimulate the use and growth of the platform.Pay for the development.Invest in marketing.Cover legal costs.
  • 10% of tokens reserved for the Advisors and Team.


  • 40% for development (rollout of the solution and adjustments)
  • 5% for administrative needs.
  • 44% for expanding adoption. This includes the growth and maintenance of the world-wide community including advisors for growth-hacking, public relations, partnerships, affiliate programs, etc.
  • 5% for legal expenses.
  • 6% for unforeseen costs.


The Profede team consists of 10 experts and engineers. In addition, we have an advisory board of world-class talents in the fields of security, payments and blockchain.

CEOJuan Imaz

Successful serial entrepreneur with 3 exits that valued over $110M in the online business field. Blockchain and Ethereum enthusiast. Expert in newcomers, business models, and scalating projects.

AdvisorCarlos Domingo

Founder and crypto capitalist at SPiCE VC, Backed by the Founder of Mozilla. Ex President and CEO of Telefonica R&D, Founder and Board Member at Wayra. MBA at Stanford University Graduate School of Business.

AdvisorRon Bekkerman

Ex-LinkedIn Data Scientist. Big Data expert. PhD in Machine Learning. Currently, Assistant Professor of Data Science. Advisor to Implisit (acquired by Salesforce) and other startups.

CTOAlberto Anaya

Expert in building, managing and validating tech platforms/roadmaps. Alberto has over fifteen years of experience in web applications, large databases, complex systems and security, and three years of experience with blockchain-based technologies as solidity and Ethereum smart-contracts.

AdvisorChristel Quek

Ex Twitter head of content. Tech executive, entrepreneur, and wannabe oenophile. Co-Founder of BOLT (mobile entertainment for the next 6 billion), Advisor (Commercial, Marketing) @ Zilliqa (next-gen high throughput Blockchain platform). Previously: Brandwatch, Twitter, Samsung, Havas.

CMORafael García

More than 10 years of experience in marketing for startup, technological business and big projects. Expert in managing large budgets with high ROI. Blockchain Evangelist.

Blockchain ExpertRaul Marcos

Ex Cabify. Backend developer with two years of experience in blockchain and Ethereum. Founder of PLL Capital, a crypto investment fund. ICO and blockchain advisor at NextChance Group.

Advisor Javier Cámara

CEO at beBee. PHD from DU. Ex Oracle. Expert in software engineering, complex platforms building and managing teams and technical resources. Entrepreneur with solid background in technology, complex-project management and blockchain enthusiast.

CCONetta Virtanen

Over 10 years of experience in business administration and communication. Sales & Marketing at Hewlett Packard, experience with start-ups and scalable systems. BBA from EU Business School. Blockchain enthusiast.

Business Development ManagerTom Greenwell

A Business Development Manager with five years experience in business growth. Tom has a passion for investments and forward thinking technology within blockchain and Ethereum systems. Business and Management at Lincoln University.

AdvisorBonnie Normile

Member of the Israeli Blockchain Association, US Advisor to Perhalic, Advisor to Coinsulters and International Blockchain Application Federation. Accomplished entrepreneur and a SBA advocate.

AdvisorGabriel Zanko

Fintech Entrepreneur-Advisor-Investor. Founder of MobileyourLife which brings AI to the enterprise. Blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and ICO enthusiast.

AdvisorGraham Doggart

Blockchain and Fintech Advisor. Graham is the co-founder of Dynamic Abundance, a Blockchain and Fintech Advisory since 2012. He specialises in the structuring and packaging of token offerings and has worked with numerous blockchain projects.He has coordinated and executed projects and campaigns that have created revenue streams in excess of $100M.

AdvisorSadie Hutton

Blockchain and Management Advisor. Sadie is a processes specialist and project manager skilled at bringing projects from ideation to operation. She works in a management consultancy and growth marketing capacity for numerous ICOs internationally. She has practical experience and current knowledge in the ICO, cryptocurrency and blockchain space.

AdvisorJames Sowers

James Sowers is a Korean-American ICO Expert and Advisor at Blockchain Advisory Council. James is a businessman, philanthropist, and experienced ICO and blockchain advisor. He has angel invested in over 40 startups and initial coin offerings. He is also a contributor to well known Blockchain publications and Director at @the GreaterGoodSociety.

AdvisorGiacomo Arcaro

Giacomo is one of the most important European Growth Hackers featured on the Financial Times, IlSole24Ore and Los Angeles Times. Two Million+ exits, 2,000 satisfied customers, founder of Black Marketing Guru, and Co-Founder of


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