Recovering from drug or alcohol addiction is by no means an easy task. However, it can be a meaningful and productive journey if handled by an excellent rehab facility. With numerous treatment options out there, it is essential to find the best rehabilitation center that meets all your needs or those of a loved one. When picking a rehab facility, it is essential to know that it needs to have all the essential criteria to ascertain a successful recovery.

Here are some of the critical features of the best drug rehabilitation facilities:

Accreditation & Licensing

An excellent facility is always licensed, meaning it has been recognized officially and authorized by the government to operate. In addition to the facility being licensed, the staff is also individually licensed by the state. When picking a facility, it is always advisable to check whether it meets these requirements. Also, there are private accreditation organizations that judge the quality of treatment facilities, programs as well as the staff. Ask the center what accreditations they currently have. You can also get this information on the treatment facility’s official website.

Program Options

The best rehabilitation centers offer a wide array of treatment options that meet the needs of everyone. It is important to pick a facility that provides a variety of options as it will ascertain an ‘entire body’ approach is a primary focus of the facility. Options like gender-specific programs and those that instill a faith-based approach play a key role in providing a meaningful and well-rounded experience in recovering from addiction.

The best rehabilitation centers have programs that offer an array of options like inpatient care, individual, family, and group therapy sessions and even after cares programs to help the patient recover from any form of addiction. These programs help make sure that the person is well taken care of and supported through every tough moment.

Individually Tailored Care

Treating substance or alcohol addiction isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach. Each person is different and has their own set of issues, sensibilities, and beliefs. That’s why personal attention is a vital aspect of success. Successful therapy should encompass an array of programs such as family and group therapy, psychiatric care, education resources and more, but the most significant strides are made through individual therapy sessions. Many rehab facilities will only provide one personal therapy session per week and it’ best to look for one that offers at least two per week.

On the initial call with the admissions staff, you should ask whether they work onsite or if they’re part of a placement service. This will tell you what sort of personalized care to expect.

Nutrition & Life Skills

Substance and alcohol addiction tends to cause numerous health complications. An excellent recovery program should put a focus on proper nutrition and helping patients deal with appetite loss, depression, stress and other things that make recovery difficult. A life skills program can ideally help prepare the person to become an active member of society.

These are the features of top rehabilitation centers.