Introducing Profede: Empowering Professionals Globally

Modern data-driven culture has advanced many industries including recruitment, professional services and the way we conduct business, but expect even further advancements as Profede’s horizontal protocol is capable of disrupting a global market. Blockchain-based Profede enables professional users to gain back control, power, and privacy from the jeopardizing methods which currently exist. Professional users set a price that they are willing to accept for responding to contact requests and mails and decide who they want to approve contact with, making users the main participant in the profit equation.

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5 Reasons Blockchain-based Profede is Unique

We create and consume data everyday, from the moment we wake up and reach out to our phone to see what happened while we were sleeping to the moment we go to bed and finish up our day’s last social media posts. Users use countless apps to consume and create data while those service providers of apps and third-parties are making billions from our data. Profede is unique in that it is offering professionals a way to earn tokens each time that they approve and authorize to share their professional data with a new contacts. Through the use of Profede’s protocol users can enjoy using their social networks while being part of the profit equation.

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6 Reasons Blockchain is a Powerful Tool

Entrepreneurs and innovators are looking into new ways to implement blockchain-based technology in their projects and in new start-ups, to disrupt and transform traditional models. Profede is a horizontal protocol capable of disrupting a global market. Profede’s solution has the potential to shake up one of the world’s largest markets, the professional world, currently monopolized by giant corporations and controlled by intermediaries. The recruitment and social selling industries are ready for technology-enabled change.

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Could data transparency be a reality?

In today’s online industry users not only don’t have total control over their data but they are not part of the monetization equation either. Users give and share their data away everyday to use free services from big companies such as Amazon, Google or Facebook. Data analytics firms get suspended all the time yet we continue to see big data breaches.

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Profede and beBee Announce Partnership

Blockchain-based Profede, a decentralized protocol where users earn tokens each time that they authorize the sharing of their data, announces their partnership with beBee a social platform where professionals can collaborate, showcase and share their personal brand and market themselves.

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Profede Airdrop Rewards Program — Official Announcement

The Profede Airdrop rewards program has started. Earn tokens for free for each successful task completed. By completing the three airdrop tasks you can earn up to 100 free PATO — Professional Activity Token — tokens. These airdrop tasks not only help us to reach new heights but earn tokens for you.

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Profede Announces Ex-Linkedin Data Scientist And Big Data Expert Ron Bekkerman To Join The Advisory Board

Profede is proud to announce that as of today acclaimed data scientist Ron Bekkerman has agreed to join Profede through an official advisory role. Ron Bekkerman is a renowned big data expert specializing in statistical machine learning, social network analysis and text mining. Ron will assist Profede also in the fields of web mining, information extraction, natural language processing, business intelligence and product strategy.

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Profede, the Diamond Sponsor at the Cryptocurrency World Expo at Berlin

Profede is proud to announce the Diamond sponsoring of Cryptocurrency World Expo 2018 that will take place in Berlin on March 21-22nd.

Berlin is already a focal point for digital currencies and the blockchain technologies behind them. Berlin has established itself as a great place for startups and innovation thanks to its entrepreneurial ecosystem, affordable cost of living and international population. If you want to find the hottest startup verticals in Berlin, it would be a good start to look at blockchain and cryptocurrency.

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Blockchain And Venture Capital Expert Carlos Domingo Joins As Advisor

Profede is excited to announce the addition of Entrepreneur, Influential Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Investor, Advisor, and Evangelist Carlos Domingo as an advisor to Profede.

Carlos is best known as Co-Founder and Managing Partner of SpiceVC, a liquid tokenized fund backed also by Brendan Eich (Inventor of Javascript, Founder of Mozilla, Brave) and  Eyal Herzog (Co-founder and architect of Bancor).

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Launching Of Profede (Professional Decentralization) Powered By Blockchain

Profede Professional Ecosystem Is A Platform That Allows Direct Professional-to-Business and Professional-to-Professional Interactions, Without The Need For Intermediaries.

Profede was founded in 2017 with the vision of re-imagining the relationship between businesses and professionals based on the trust and transparency of Smart Contracts. Our solution has the potential to disrupt one of the world’s largest markets, the professional world, currently monopolized by giant corporations and controlled by intermediaries.

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