Profede and Talenthon Announce Partnership to Revolutionize the Recruitment Process

Blockchain-based Profede, a decentralized protocol where users earn tokens each time that they authorize the sharing of their data, announces their partnership with Talenthon a blockchain-based recruitment platform that technically evaluates candidate’s skills, validates their CVs and checks their references so that recruiters can focus on finding the right profiles without needing to spend time on validating and checking their skills.

Talenthon verifies candidates’ CVs and their skills listed using blockchain and gamification techniques in order to help businesses recruit talented individuals. Talenthon’s recruitment platform has also integrated a reward-based system where users can earn TCOIN tokens.

Through the use of Talenthon employers will have a simple portal through which they will be able to select the best candidates for the position that they are looking for and hire them. Talenthon verifies the skills listed online to make sure that when employers take a look at the CV’s they can trust the listed skills and don’t need to make checks and verifications. As the soft and hard skills listed on the candidate’s profile are validated, recruitment agencies can utilise Talenthon to fill job positions. Talenthon aims to create a global recruitment platform that will be recognised as a leading job portal to hire talented, technically assessed and verified people to save businesses time and save on costs.

Through Talenthon businesses can rely on the blockchain-based technology used to validate the skills and profiles of job seekers making the recruitment process easier, faster and less costly. TCOIN’s will be distributed to referees and candidates that create profiles on the platform. Coins can be obtained through registering, listing references, receiving back references from appointed referee, upon reference check clearance and after completing each online technical assessment.Candidates education, skill performance, training and work-related references could all be verified in order to reduce the time spent by recruiters on the long and complex process of checking and validating this information.

Profede is offering users the opportunity to gain back control over sharing their data with others by giving users the chance to earn tokens each time that they approve and authorize sharing their data. Data creators will decide who they want to share their data with, which parts of their data they are willing to share and how much they want to be compensated in order to share this data.

In today’s market users are giving all their data to online platforms in order to use their free services, while these platforms are making billions off of your data. It’s time for users to gain back power and control by being part of the profit equation. Users should be the ones who earn tokens from their own CV’s, contact details and the content that they post online. Profede has created a blockchain-based protocol exactly to disrupt the current ways so that users gain back privacy and transparency of their data. Data creators should always feel fairly compensated for spending the time and effort to respond to proposals.

Profede believes that it’s time for professional users, who are the real data creators, to rightfully make a profit from responding to offers, and be added to the value chain.

Through this partnership users can earn tokens on Profede from sharing their data with approved requesting parties as well as earning tokens on Talenthon by having their information validated. It’s a win-win situation and this partnership is a stepping stone to revolutionizing and disrupting the recruitment industry.

The partnership between Profede and Talenthon enables recruiters to connect with relevant profiles that are actively seeking contact and who authorize and approve of sharing their data and verified skills with requesting parties. Through this partnership users will have their skills validated so that recruiters can trust the skills that you have listed without needing to spend time verifying them, extensive efforts to make checks and dedicating money and time on these.