Profede Whitepaper

All successful teams throughout industries rely on a team of professional, knowledgable, and experienced individuals all coming together for the ultimate team accomplishment. Profede is no different.

This team consists of experts from all different backgrounds who possess capabilities and specializations in multiple areas on the topic of blockchain development. Each team member brings massive amounts of value to the table for day to day operations, while seven different advisors look on the outside and provide valuable guidance and advice to the executives to propel them forward further.

The Roadmap

There is always an objective to reach when building a company. The vision of the company can be malleable to a certain degree, but the overall objective has to be clear. There is no successful company in the history of the world whom didn’t identify an overall objective, or a mission if you will.

Profede has a roadmap to track progress toward this objective, which is to revolutionize blockchain. The team developed a clear, and concise roadmap to help guide everyone towards to destination. There are many details that have not been solved or discovered yet, but the invaluable skills this team has combined is to solve complex problems as they arise.

How The Platform Works

The concept of Profede services are based on the blockchain system of Ethereum. What this means is, it uses Ethereum’s technology as a “checks and balances” system when information passes through the platform. Every single transaction and exchange of data points on this platform revolve around the “smart contract’ concept.

The ultimate objective of Profede is to be a catalyst for each side of labor markets. The companies who use Profede get a report that is very unique. It highlights the quality of opportunities the company has to develop prospects and the professional individuals who can sell their info. This platform not only allows users to make a handsome profit by using the profile information as a selling point, but also more who want to buy the info.

Utilizing the platform for social selling is also very beneficial, and what many companies are already taking advantage of. It’s excellent at identifying hyper relevant individual social profiles and can even use the community to verify the product. Advertising opportunities for companies has never been easier.

The Problem That Has A Solution

Middlemen run the current ecosystem, and software entrepreneurs absolutely use social data of their members, as leverage to sell advertising to other businesses. And these businesses pay a lot of money for this important user data. The users don’t receive anything out of this deal. Which is ultimately a losing scenario for all involved.

Instead, Profede helps businesses market directly to the professional individuals they seek and uploads data in exchange for the tokens on the platform, called PATO.

The technology of Profede provides:

Privacy of data and anonymity for professionals.
Huge datasets that make search more scalable.
Easily accessible profiles with rating portals.
Incentivizes professionals for recruitment in the social markets.

Making Profede the ultimate professional security and data privacy platform.

Final Thoughts

Users on the platform are encouraged to take control and self realize their objectives. Professionals control their data, and have the final say in who can access their data and who can’t. That includes decided if (and who) can purchase their data. Whether that be other individuals or companies.

The blockchain like technology, ingeniously created by the developers of the project, creates a completely decentralized platform that enables users to effortlessly manage their personal data and storing info, which can, by their choice, be accessible to third party entities.